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API Thread

11/9/2012 by Central States Hose
American Petroleum Institute Thread.


11/8/2012 by Central States Hose
a general term referring to any hose coupled with end fittings of any style attached to one or both ends.

Braided hose

hose in which the reinforcing material has been applied by braiding.

Burst pressure

11/8/2012 by sales
pressure at which a hose will fail and burst.

Cam and Groove or Cam Lock Coupling

11/11/2012 by sales
A type of quick-connect fitting that allows connection and disconnection by means of arm(s) or cam(s) on the female fitting. The seal requires a gasket, available in various materials. These fittings are frequently used on industrial hose assemblies.

Chemical compatibility

11/8/2012 by sales
the relative degree to which a material may contact another without corrosion, degradation or adverse change of properties.

Chemical resistance

the ability of a particular polymer, rubber compound, or metal to exhibit minimal physical and/or chemical property changes when in contact with one or more chemicals for a specified length of time, at specified concentrations, pressure, and temperat

Combustible liquid

a combustible liquid is one having a flash point at or above +100°F


the mixture of rubber or plastic and other materials

Coupled lengths

11/8/2012 by Central States Hose
individual lengths of hose with couplings attached


11/8/2012 by sales
A frequently used alternative term for hose end fitting.

Crimp diameter

11/8/2012 by Assembly workshop
the distance across opposite flats after crimping.

Crimp or crimping

11/8/2012 by Assembly workshop
a hose end fitting attachment method utilizing a crimping machine to create a secure installation.

Cut-off factor

11/8/2012 by Assembly workshop
the hose length to be subtracted from the overall assembly length that allows for the hose coupling end connection extension beyond the end of the hose.


an instrument for measuring the hardness of rubber and plastic compounds.


the condition resulting from the inside and outside diameters not having a common center


11/8/2012 by safety
the escape, usually of gases, through a material. See permeation.


11/9/2012 by Engineering
any one of a group of polymeric materials

End force

11/9/2012 by Engineering
an internal pressure which acts outward toward the ends of the tube.


11/9/2012 by Engineering
Ethyl Vinyl Acetate

extrude - extruded - extrusion

11/9/2012 by Engineering
forced through the shaping die of an extruder

Fabric impression

11/9/2012 by Engineering
impression formed on the rubber surface during vulcanization by contact with fabric jacket or wrapper.


11/9/2012 by Central States Hose
The external part of the coupling which serves to hold the insert to the hose.

Fire sleeve

11/9/2012 by Safety
slip-on or integrally extruded sleeve used to retard the effects of fire in certain applications


11/9/2012 by sales
Metal ring attached to pipe nipples


11/9/2012 by Engineering
an organic compound containing fluorine directly bonded to carbon


11/9/2012 by sales
garden hose thread.


11/9/2012 by sales
gallons per minute.

Heat resistance

11/9/2012 by Engineering
the property or ability to resist the deteriorating effects of elevated temperatures.


11/9/2012 by Engineering
a shape formed by spiraling a wire or other reinforcement around the cylindrical body of a hose, typically used in suction hose to prevent the hose from collapsing under vacuum.


11/9/2012 by sales
a flexible conduit consisting of a tube, reinforcement, and usually an outer cover.
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