Gates Longhorn petroleum transfer hose

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Gates Longhorn petroleum transfer hose
Petroleum transfer hose
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Type C - Nitrile


Synthetic textile braid with steel wire helix


Black with red spiral stripe

Temperature range:

-40 F to 180 F Note: fuels are normally conveyed below 120°F


150 PSI
An ideal choice for oil field service truck use. Compatible with clean-burning, renewable Biodiesel B-100 (drain after use). The corrugated cover version adds extra flexibility and lowers the force to bend factor for easy handling.

Smooth or corrugated cover for suction and discharge applications.

Consider Gates Longhorn hose for use with the following chemicals:
at room temperature unless otherwise stated, contact a product specialist for temperatures above 100 degrees F
Aeroshell 7A, ATF (Automatic Transmission Oil) bulk transfer, Bunker Oil, Butanol Butyl Alcohol colorless liquid, Calcium Carbonate Slurry in water, Crude Oil (Crude Petroleum Oil), Cutting Oil (Mineral Oil Base), Decanol (Decyl Alcohol) colorless water white Liquid, Dirco Oils, Duro Oils, Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol), Ethylene Glycol, Fuel Oil (ASTM 1-6), Heptane, Hydraulic Fluid (Std. Petroleum Oils) bulk transfer, Insulating Oil (Transformer) liquid, Isooctane colorless liquid, Kerosene, Lubricating Oil (Under 120 deg F / 49 deg C), Machine Oil (Under 135 deg F / 57 deg C), Maxmul (Penzoil Hydraulic Fluid), Methallyl Alcohol (Methylallyl Alcohol), Methanol (Methyl Alcohol), Mineral Oil, Motor Oil bulk transfer, n-Octane, Neohexane, Oil of Turpentine, Petroleum Oils (Refined), Red Oil (Commercial Oleic Acid) (MIL-5606), Refined Wax (Petroleum), Tall Oil, Transformer Oil (Petroleum Type).

Additional Information: View the Gates webpage about Longhorn
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