2 inch Iron Boss Ground Joint seal complete female coupling with stem and wingnut

Part Number:GF81
2 inch Iron Boss Ground Joint seal complete female coupling with stem and wingnut
2 inch Iron Boss Ground Joint seal complete female coupling with stem and wingnut


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The leakproof seal in the Boss Coupling is affected in the Ground Joint Style by a soft-to-hard-polymer connection when the rounded head of the stem is in firm contact with the beveled polymer insert in the Spud. Down time to replace lost or deteriorated washers is eliminated and the sealing efficiency is not affected by dirt, grime or by normal wear through repeated use.

PURPOSE: To supply a convenient threaded fitting needed to connect two lengths of steam hose, or a single length to a male or female threaded (NPT) outlet on any type of equipment.The Spud part of the coupling serves as one half of the connection and is usually fixed permanently to the equipment. The Stem and Nut attached (clamped) to the steam hose is the other half. The two halves are connected or disconnected by rotating the Wing Nut on the Spud, to achieve a mechanical as well as a pressure seal.

SERVICES: All-Purpose Hose Couplings, universally recommended for steam hose connections. They are also widely used with equal efficiency for high or low pressure Air, Water, Liquid Petroleum Gas, Fluid Petroleum Products, Chemicals, Potable Fluids and almost any other type of fluid or gas. They can be applied to all types of rubber, synthetic, plastic, metallic (with special stems) or semi-metallic hose. Consult Factory for specific chemical resistance.

Worn-out hose couplings can be dangerous. They should be checked regularly and replaced when necessary. Each coupling user should review applications and add safety devices where indicated.

Dixon's couplings and retention devices are designed to work safely for their intended use. The selection of the proper hose, coupling, and retention devices; and the proper application of the coupling to the hose are of utmost importance. Users must consider the size, temperature, application, media, pressure, and hose and coupling manufacturer's recommendations when selecting the proper hose assembly components.

Safety devices are integral to the coupling and must be working and utilized. The use of supplementary safety clips and Whipchek Safety Cables are recommended. If any problem is detected, couplings must be removed from service immediately.

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