Heat-Flex GS High temp silicone air and fume hose

Suited for high temperature air handling applications. Ideal for plastic processing applications. Recommended for industrial air movement and fume control applications. Not recommended for continuous flexing.

Resistant to many oils, solvents, ozone, water, fungus, and alkalis. Non-kinking. The narrow pitch allows for tight bending radius while maintaining a smooth air flow.

Intermittent to 600°F

Suitable for: Aircraft, Automotive, Brake Ducting, Brick Kilns, Cab Ventilation, Defroster/Heater Hose, Dry Cleaning, Dryer Hose, Exhaust Systems, Foundries, Garage Exhaust, Glass Drying, High Temperature Applications, Paper Mills, Rocket Support Duct, Tractor Pull Exhaust, Transmission Cooling, Vehicle Systems.

Heatflex GS data sheet

Información en español:
Conveniente para aplicaciones de manejo de aire con temperaturas altas.

Manguera de tela de fibra de vidrio recubierta con doble capa de silicona y reforzada con un resorte de cable de acero en espiral y un cordón externo de filamento de fibra de vidrio.
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