Gates Terminator 501 PSI air hose

Gates Terminator industrial hose is an excellent choice for rugged jobs including mining, construction, quarries, docks and ship yards, food processors, railroad workshops or just about any place where a durable non-conductive industrial hose with weather and ozone resistance is needed. Handles oil, water, air, salt solutions and some chemicals. Built with a tough cover for outstanding quality.

Gates Terminator is available in custom assemblies or bulk rolls.
  • Non-conductive at 1000 volts D.C.
  • Flame Resistant MSHA 2G-IC-11C
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Type C Nitrile tube with Type C4 Carboxylated Nitrile cover
  • Synthetic textile cord reinforcement
  • -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to +100°C) continuous service
  • 501 psi
Información en español:
Aplicaciones que requieren una manguera, económica, con excelente flexibilidad y máxima resistencia a la intemperie y la abrasión para conducir aire, agua, aceites y algunos productos químicos. Cubierta: Tipo C4 Nitrilo carboxilado, color amarillo brillante, resistente a la gasolina al aceite, grasas, intemperie ozono y a la abrasión. Resistente a la flama.
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