Gates Enviro-Fluid Spiral Wire Hose


Handles even the most aggressive biodegradable fluids with ease! Biodegradable fluids are great for the environment, but tough on hoses. They seep through ordinary hose tubes, causing cover blisters and sweat. The result - premature and expensive hose failures. But not any more. Introducing new EnviroFluid™ spiral-wire hose from Gates. Like Gates industry proven nitrile tube stock that's used in all Gates wire-braid hose, it's specially designed to handle biodegradable hydraulic fluids and other aggressive oils like synthetic esters, polyglycols and vegetable oils.

What's the secret? It's an inside job!
The secret is its nitrile tube. It's tough enough to handle biodegradable fluids at operating temperatures up to 250°F (120°C) without any loss of performance. Plus, it offers significantly lower permeation than neoprene tubes when used with petroleum-based oils.

High-pressure performance!
EnviroFluid spiral-wire hose offers all of the performance of Gates C12M, G3K, G4K, G5K and G6K hoses, including:

  • Identical working pressures
  • High temperature resistance
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Tight bending radius
  • Applicable SAE and EN standards

Coupling is easy, too, since EnviroFluid spiral-wire hoses use no-skive GlobalSpiral™ couplings, just like other Gates spiral-wire hoses. And they've been tested to 1 million impulse cycles at 250°F (120°C) without failure.

Keeping the environment clean!
Gates is committed to providing additional environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes. Gates efforts include:
  • Eliminating lead from their hose and hose manufacturing process
  • Removing harmful hexavalent chromium from Gates couplings with TuffCoat™ plating
  • Reducing excess packaging by using reusable containers for some products
  • Recycling plastic materials from their hose sheath-cure process into hose reels
  • Working toward eliminating all lead content from Gates couplings

With Gates new EnviroFluid spiral-wire hose, protecting the environment and saving money has never been easier.

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