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American manufacturers have stepped up to the challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. On days where certain manufacturers are usually competitors, this pandemic has changed the way we think. As Ford, General Motors, and 3M have joined forces to reengineer powered-air…,

Flexaust Introduces Flexaust Connect Mobile App - Thu, 25 Aug 2016 14:16:43 +0000

Flexaust has announced the introduction of Flexaust Connect – the new, powerful, up-to-date and mobile connection for all your hose and ducting needs. Flexaust has manufactured durable, long lasting, flexible hose and flexible ducting products, accessories and vacuum attachments for…,
Flexaust expands their abrasion resistant polyurethane Flx-Thane series hose line to include five wall thicknesses for applications ranging from light dust collection to very severe service. The newest addition, Flx-Thane XLD, is a very light weight hose ideal for woodworking…,
Flexaust introduces a new temporary heater duct for commercial and industrial rental use that provides smooth airflow to keep workers more comfortable at all types of construction sites and remote oil industry applications. Flexaust Springflex® FX-400 Portable Heater Duct is…,
Flexaust introduces a new line of heavy-duty 13 oz. stitched hose that is engineered for high performance in air conditioning, dehumidification, and mild heating rental applications. Flexaust® FX-180 is a heavy-duty 13 oz. PVC scrim with a rip stop technology…,

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Kit Fits All Standard Wet/Dry Vacs - Thu, 28 Jan 2016 15:27:43 +0000

Flexaust introduces a new MRO vacuum cleaner hose kit that includes a rugged hose with a swivel, cuff and inlet adapter, and utility and crevice tools along with a compact POP display. The Flexaust MRO General Pick-Up Kit (Part #…,
Flexaust offers a line of lightweight, durable, and highly compressible blower hose that can be custom color matched to meet precise OEM product branding requirements. Flexaust® Springflex® FSP-5 Ventilation Hose is a single-ply PVC vinyl coated polyester fabric hose that…,
Flexaust offers a broad line of standard flexible, self-extinguishing hoses developed for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications where worker safety is critical. Flexaust UL94V-0 Rated Hoses include 15 standard products which are made from neoprene polyester, PVC…,

FlexStat – Now Available with Conductive Cuffs - Thu, 02 Jul 2015 12:35:34 +0000

Flexaust introduces a full line of all-plastic static dissipative polyurethane hose that features an embedded copper grounding wire and is now offered with new conductive PVC cuffs for complete static protection. FlexStat® Static Dissipative Hose is extruded from a specially…,
Flexaust introduces a new, clear and lightweight, static dissipative polyurethane hose that can replace heavier PVC and polyethylene conductive hoses in many fume and dust collection applications. Flexaust Flx-Thane® LD-SD Static Dissipative Polyurethane Hose is clear, highly flexible, and compressible,…,
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