Flange Adapters and Parts

There are three kinds of flanges used in high pressure hydraulic systems - SAE Code 61, SAE Code 62, and Caterpillar® 4-bolt flanges. Each flange design has minor differences in the bolt-hole dimensions but major differences in pressure handling capability. Using the wrong components can lead to severe injury, death or property damage.

Beware of installing a 3000 PSI component in a 6000 PSI system. If the bolt-hole dimensions don't line up exactly, you have the wrong flange component.

SAE Code 61 and SAE Code 62 Flange connections are often used in heavy equipment high pressure hydraulic systems. Flange adapters are used to connect hydraulic hose assemblies to components such as pumps, cylinders and valves. Adapters can also bridge different connection types or allow for proper alignment.
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