Environmental Sustainability

Solid waste recycling and packaging re-use
Many of the hose products at Central States Hose arrive in bulk and are packaged on disposable reels. In the past, these disposable reels were made of plywood and cardboard. Over the last 15 years, these reels have gradually been replaced with re-usable reels made of HDPE plastic. Now, Central States Hose is participating in a reusable packaging system where the plastic reels are disassembled and returned to the hose factory for re-use. Many of the plastic reels now incorporate recycled content.

If you've scanned the qr-code that we place on eligible packaging:
  • you can bring the empty reel back to Central States Hose
  • you can keep the empty reel and re-use it
  • or check with your local recycling provider before placing it in their bin
For customers who have collected 100 or more of these reels:
  • If you're a local customer, you can bring the empty reels back to Central States Hose and receive a credit to your account of $50 per 100 reels
  • If you're out of state, contact us and we'll arrange free pickup
  • We can only pay for shipping if we make the shipping arrangements
In December 2010, Central States Hose started participating in a recycling program. Our commercial waste and recycling provider uses clean natural gas powered vehicles. Soon we'll begin posting information about our recycling efforts.

Energy usage at our facility
  • Windsource energy is a voluntary program offered by our electric utility, Windsource energy contains a minimum of 97% wind energy and up to 3% solar.
  • Central States Hose has participated in Windsource since 2007, purchasing 1,000 Kwh per month.
Environmental sustainability programs at our suppliers

The Gates Corporation headquarters building was the first commercial building in Denver to implement composting.
Gates Corporation is leading the way with progressive recycling programs. The Gates Corporation Headquarters located in Downtown Denver employs more than 400 employees who produce nearly 10 tons of waste per month. Since the introduction of new recycling and composting programs, 87.5 percent of waste materials are now recycled or composted. Gates has been recycling for years and is moving towards achieving a goal of less than five percent of waste sent to landfill.

Kanaflex Corporation pioneered the development of pvc plastic hose and is leading the way in the research and development of bio-plastic alternatives to pvc.
Bio-plastic is made from renewable resources, does not off-gas pthalates and is non-toxic, even when incinerated.

Eaton Corporation is developing customer solutions that drive sustainable growth.
Vehicle fuel lines from Eaton enable the use of 100 percent biodiesel and reduce evaporative emissions. Eaton has developed hybrid vehicle drivetrains for commercial vehicles including delivery trucks and buses.

Kuriyama of America has introduced an innovative line of transfer hose for use with E-85 and B-100
Kuriyama bio-fuel transfer hose enables delivery of alternative liquid fuels to your local gas station.

Flexaust, the leading manufacturer of flexible ducting introduces new alternatives to PVC
Flex-Tube EF - the eco-friendly ducting hose made of polyolefin elastomer has virtually no outgassing, low VOC's and is phtalate free.

Plews & Edelmann developed UltraLube professional grade lubricants made from US grown crops
The vegetable based formula has a lower environmental impact than typical petroleum based products. UltraLube greases and oils offer proven superior performance with up to 4 times greater lubricity.

BAND-IT IDEX - the manufacturer of BAND-IT Clamps and Tools has operated an ISO 14001 certified environmental management program since December 1994.

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