BAND-IT Center Punch Clamps

Band IT Center Punch Hose Clamps
BAND-IT Center Punch Clamps are a popular choice for many types of water suction and low pressure water discharge hose assemblies. Center punch hose clamps are primarily used in applications where a long term leak-free connection is not required. During installation of the clamp, after the clamp is tightened, the clamp is set or locked by striking the buckle of the center-punch clamp with a punch and hammer. Sometimes objects that are being clamped can be damaged by the impact of the punch and hammer, for example some types of coupling material may crack.

BAND-IT Center-punch hose clamps are available in galvanized carbon steel (GCS) or 201 stainless steel. The most popular tool for installing center punch clamps is the BAND-IT Center Punch Tool T30069 hand tool for 5/8 wide center punch style clamps.

Central States Hose is located just one block away from the Band-IT factory in Denver. If an item is out of stock according to our systems, we can usually restock it within 24 hours.
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