BAND-IT Ball-Lok Ties

band it ball lok cable tiesBAND-IT’s stainless steel cable ties can be ordered with enhanced corrosion resistance as well as abrasion and vibration protection by selecting the specially formulated Nylon 11 coating. Type 316 SS coated band starts with a high grade corrosion resistant base material. Additional corrosion resistance results from coating the 0.015 inch thick steel with a black PPA coating. The coating also improves the products abrasion resistance. Type 316 SS coated material is frequently specified for cable bundling on applications where there is significant movement and flexing such as on a ship, oil rig or communication towers.
  • No tools required - self locking ties
  • Non releasable
  • CE Marked, DNV Approved, Coast Guard Approved
  • Available in two widths: 0.180 inch and 0.310 inch
  • Speedy Application
  • Selectively coated Nylon 11 or uncoated styles available
  • Stainless steel ties provide a longer life than nylon ties, especially in extreme climates
  • Band-IT Catalog in PDF
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